Sunday, November 6, 2011

Enable and configure Android WiFi tethering hotspot AP without root

We have just made this  "1-Click WiFi Tether No Root" application, which allows you to transform your Android phone into a wireless hotspot. 

1. It easily and quickly enables WiFi Tethering hotspot AP in 1-Click.

2. It does NOT require root access.

3. It works on MOST devices with Android 2.3 or above, with MOST operators. 

4. If Wi-Fi tethering is not yet possibile with your device because of some device or carrier restrictions, we have prepared USB or bluetooth tethering as your alternative choices.

The app has been downloaded 300,000 times. You can get it for free in Google Play Store:

Use it to get Internet connection on Windows, Mac, another phone or tablet, Ubuntu, Wii, PS3 and a lot more, everywhere. One of our users use it in the woods and dance with xBox live! What a wonderful portable party!

Perhaps the world's lightest, cleanest and fastest app for launching WiFi hotspot. We have reduced the app size to almost nothing.

If you want a secured connection with password protection, or be able to customize your hotspot AP name, please download the pro version here:

Or search "1-Click WiFi Tether Pro" in the store.

Important: If this works on your unrooted device, please don't accept system updates, otherwise this application will be banned and will not be compatible with your new system any more. The only solution then should be to root your beloved phone.

Its purpose is to avoid and replace the standard manual configuration, which requires at least 5 clicks everytime you need to start WiFi tethering, which might also ask you to enter some text to configure the WiFi hotspot.

If you use this application, you only need 1 click without entering anything.

We have tested it mainly with European carriers. It works on most devices with Android 2.2 or higher.
Whether it works is really carrier or device specific. Please do not give it a bad rating. Thanks:)

Possible reasons if it doesn't work :

1. Your operator doesn't support WiFi tethering and blocks it on purpose.
2. Your phone's 3G connection is too weak.
3. Your system ROM had been modified by the manufacturer
4. You don't have a data plan on your SIM card

Here are some user reviews:

★★★★★ ScottyB Apr 9 Galaxy Nexus
5 stars for first try! So simple, literally 1-click.

★★★★★ Patti Feb 29 Galaxy S
Great for those who don't want to root

★★★★★ Dana Jun 9 LG Ally
Love this app! I get internet access anywhere on any device.

★★★★★ Pauline Jul 1 ZTE Score
This is the only wifi hotspot i found that works, runs smoothly no problem :)

★★★★★ Jacob Apr 23 LG Ally
Best! Perfect! Really glad it's so small too!

★★★★★ David Dec 10 LG Ally
Wow! Just minutes after I downloaded this, I was able to tether my phone to my Xbox & connect to Xbox Live while in a cabin in the middle of the woods!

★★★★★ Alex Jan 22 Moto Atrix
Have been trying to find a tether app for non rooted devices. Finally found one that works great. I have a Motorola with Gingerbread 2.3.4 with Vodafone carrier in Spain. Worked perfect on first try.

★★★★★ Massimo Jan 22 Galaxy Nexus
Fantastiko. Asks only wifi permission and don't have to give away my contacts, my identity, my wife, the colour of my undies etc

★★★★★ Justin Dec 8 Moto Droid X2
Used it to link 2 phones to play games using wifi and it works great

★★★★★ Shelby Jan 25 Huawei U8800-51
Perfect and works flawlessly with my iPad!

★★★★★ Achint Jun 24 Galaxy S2
Simple! I am not the types who rate an app but this is really worth it.

★★★★★ Wayne Mar 10 Huawei Att Impulse
I've tried several ways of tether and have failed each and every time with this wonderful app I've been able to tether my laptop wii and xbox360 successfuly great job

★★★★★ prashant Mar 9 LG Pecan
works with my psp and ps3 no problem at all especially easy to use. i tried every app in the market none worked but this one worked pretty awesome love it

★★★★★ Daniel Jun 16, 2012 Moto Photon 4G
Tried this wifi app on my Non-Rooted phone, had my PS Vita Hooked up using my Sprint 4g service. Deff worth it

★★★★★ YaqaKallah Jun 13, 2012 Huawei Ascend II
This has been a lifesaver in our home. It successfully connected our Laptops, Notebook & e-Book every single time instantly! Thanx DIY!

★★★★★ joe May 22, 2012 Moto Triumph
:)This app works the best out of any tether i have tried. It connects me the fastest and gives great speed. 6 stars, lol

Free download:


  1. Application works great but could you please fix it so I can save my own ssid when ever I restart. Ssid goes back to default whenever application is restarted.

  2. I was looking for a way to overwrite the config of WiFi tether, and I found your very useful code!

    I'm using a LG's smartphone, and it has a bug which makes WiFi tethering not working(ex. when too long SSID is entered).
    To fix the problem, setting must be reconfigured, but the setting window only appears when tethering is ON(what a strange!).

    So, I had to overwrite config from external app.
    Thank you very much for your code and apk!

  3. i think its really wonderfull that you guys made this app... it appears to funtion but the tablet i was using to recieve the wifi woould only show the provider tag as connected i could not open btowser or youtube ... nexus s 4g to blsckberry playbook 16gb .. PLS HELP :-)

  4. Hi fandroid, try to replace "http" by "https" to see whether that works, also try using another Android phone or a PC. If it doesn't work on neither of these terminals, it's possible that your carrier of your SIM card doesn't allow you to use tethering on their network. What this application does is just to start the standard hotspot inside your Android device, it doesn't deal with data connection with the carrier. It depends on your data plan and the contract with your carrier. But if you do want to "illegally" get tethering, you can always root your phone and try those tethering apps with root.

  5. Hi gval1975. Try the pro version here to have your own SSID and password:

  6. Hi Someone, glad to have helped. We think it would be cool especially for automatically fixing a big amount of phones without manual clicking:)

  7. When i deleted the app it still shows under tethering. How do i fully get rid of it?

  8. I cannot get rid of hotspot icon in status bar after running app. please help

  9. Hi, just drag down the status bar and click on the hotspot icon, uncheck the hotspot option, that's it! Please watch the video for more details:

  10. With the use of this app, am i going going to have to pay for the carrier wifi hotspot, does it detect that I am using it. Or does the phone not even know that the phone created a hotspot?

  11. If it works yes, If it does not then no.

    Sometimes an app has to be forced closed to shut off, like the tethering apps for example.

  12. Does this app make you have to pay for using the 3G hot spot? I have Verizon and i think you have to pay monthly to use the hot spot thing..

  13. Oook its been two hours no icon ?

  14. Could this allow Wifi direct transferts betwen 2 androids? I guess so but may be I'm wrong...

  15. Is there any way to fix the number of hosts? Thank you!

  16. amazing contribution here, it will be very useful for me :)

    PS: only one note, as you set the displayInstructions as in html, the "\n" does not appear, it should be "
    " instead :D. Yes, it was only that, the other thing is excellent.

  17. amazing contribution here, it will be very useful for me :)

    PS: only one note, as you set the displayInstructions as in html, the "\n" does not appear, it should be "< br >" instead :D. Yes, it was only that, the other thing is excellent.

  18. Very, useful. Has anybody worked out how to set the RF channel, number of allowed hosts e.t.c of the Hotspot?

  19. The app works fine but when trying to go the settings to configure security it gives you a message that it cannot reach the settings and you have to force to close and I did purchase pro.

  20. The app works fine but when trying to go the settings to configure security it gives you a message that it cannot reach the settings and you have to force to close and I did purchase pro.

  21. I tried to generate an WPA2-PSK AP with success (CCMP only), but when trying to configure another phone for connecting to the AP, it doesn't work for me to make a WifiConfiguration and establish through WPA2 directly. I must have WPA also available, and first they establish through WPA. Then once established, I can change to WPA2 in the AP and then it works. Have you any idea of what could happen? It is my fault or Android one? Ty in advance.

  22. hi, thanks for sharing the idea. But can you please tell me how to activate WAP2 security in this Hotspot. And also I need to get the names of client connected to my hotspot so that I can block them If I need. Any help ..

  23. Hi everyone! I've tried soo many apps to get wifi on my pc, but nothing works for me! Please help! I really need wifi hotspot, but I just don't know what app to install. Thanks!!!

  24. Hi,
    Very useful contribution here. :)
    How to enable WiFi direct programmatic? Is there any solution for the same like this?

    Thanks You

  25. Works fine on Samsung Nexus S.
    Just had to add the uses-permission android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE at the manifest file.

    Thank you!

  26. Thank you for the article.
    It is very usefull.

  27. Hi,
    nice tut, made it work so far that the hotspot is created, but i can't change any setting, neither the ssid nor the encryption. I'm testing on android 2.3.5 htc desire s.

    any suggestion?

    I don't receive any error, except the hotspot is created with my normal settings :-/

  28. Umm how do I use it with xbox 360 without using an adapter hence why I was looking for a tethering app....
    not a hot spot I already have that as well as a tethering app but like mine it doesn't do anything different!

  29. Hi. I was wondering what happened to the section of this post where it talked about a function similar wifip2pmanager (WiFiAPManager I think was the name of the function) which was hidden within the SDK before Android 4.0 was released. I remembered that there was code posted for reference. Could I still read about it somewhere else?

  30. My daughter recently upgraded her HTC Sensation to Icecream Sandwich. Now One touch wifi teathering app does not work. Would you have a suggestion?

  31. I downloaded this on my AT&T Galaxy Note and it worked great for about a week and a half. Now it seems that even though I am connected to the hotspot I am not able to do anything like surfing on the web. I was going to buy the pro version but wanted to know if my problem comes from your app or from AT&T?

  32. Pro version worked great until I took an ATT update this morning on my Samsung GS3 :( Now, app just looks at me and never launches into the status bar.

  33. My HTC Desire Z's wifi hotspot works but I cannot change settings (e.g., password, SSID or WPA). Michael Klingen above seems to have the same problem.

  34. Solution: 1. turn the wifi hotspot off. 2. Change the settings. 3. Turn the wifi hotspot on. :)

  35. I bought a very expensive bluetooth called Silver elete, it is supposed to reach 300 feet, but it needs NFC on my Samsug Statosphere cell phone, how do I get this to work for me?

  36. Doesn't work on Verizon S4 after update to MJ7 Can you fix this?

  37. I have the pro version and was working great until I updated my S3 with AT&T 4.3 OTA update. Now WiFi runs home to verify hotspot and it shuts 1-Click Tether down. Now I'm out of WiFi hotspot service. Any ideas on what I can do?

  38. As of December 20th, 2013, after installing the stupid Verizon 4.3 update, the app no longer works on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I wish I had read this page prior to installing.

    Would I still be able to use this app with Bluetooth or USB tethering if not via 1 Click tether app? Any quick solutions?

  39. I have the pro version but haven't had to use it in a while because we got wifi at home. I am needing to use it now for access on my galaxy tab 3 at work but I have forgotten my password. Can someone please help me figure out how to get or reset my password?

  40. I downloaded the free version onto a S4 mini and every time I start it up I get disconnected from the Sprint network. The diy network shows up on my other devices, but obviously can't connect.

  41. can somebody share the source code on git / any other repository please?

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Likewise the terms "WiFi Router" and "WiFi Access Point" (AP) are often used more

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