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Monday, October 31, 2011

DIYers, let's make a complete list of Android Hardware Interface Tools and Solutions

These tools and solutions are among the most popular ways to interface an Android device with the physical/eletronics/mechanic world. But sure, you can help us to include more if you see something else:)

1. Bluetooth module+Arduino+Android Application from Cellbots :

2. Probably the easiest way to start your first DIY Phone Gadgets Project is to use infrared signal. You can purchase a cheap IRDroid module here:

3. IOIO for Android:

4. UDOO: the BEST solution so far to combine Android and Ardunio seemlessly.

5. Arduino + USB Host Shield from Microbridge project:

6. PIC24 board from Microbridge PIC project:

7. Google ADK (Android Open Accessory Development Kit):

8. 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable from TRRSTAN cellphone robot:

9. Bluetooth+Arduino+Android Library from Amarino:

10. The PhoneDrone Board (Android to PPM RC interface board from DIY

11. Android ADK with a standard Arduino Uno and USB Host Shield:

12. Native USB host support (Android 3.1 or above) to control simple USB peripherals:

13. IOIO+WiFi dongle. It's a project at its very beginning. IOIO's creator Ytai has just finished adding Bluetooth to IOIO, and expecting experienced people helping him writing WiFi dongle drivers. Please contact him if you have a clue.

14. Android+Raspberry Pi+WiFi dongle. It's really amazing that this tiny pen-sized Linux PC costs only 25 US dollars and it runs Linux! The combination of Raspberry Pi's size, price and performance makes it a nice candidate of our DIY gadget brain, providing diverse interactions with Android.

15. The Electric Sheep board from Sparkfun, a development tool (similar to the Arduino Mega ADK) for creating custom Android accessories.


  1. A while back I write a note about the use of Android with Arduino:

  2. Hi Abiro, I am glad that more people are getting interested in the topic: combining Android with microcontrollers. I see that in your post you made a great analysis of these advantages:

    a very fast CPU and lots of memory
    fully programmable
    an application platform with APIs for accessing all the features of the phone
    fast communication over long distances (including distance / power trade-offs)
    audio input and output
    video/picture input (camera) and output (display)
    location/tilt sensors: GPS, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope
    interaction via touch display
    robot control via USB

    I guess what you are talking about is one possible mode:
    Using android as a part of the main robot body.

    This is definitely very promising. Unfortunately there is no commercialized product yet. You can see in my post that the Cellbots project and DiyDrones' PhoneDrone board can realize this, and it stay at a hobbyist level for the moment.

    There is another popular mode: using Android as a remote control. This has been commercialized already in many ways (wifi, bluetooth and infrared) :
    Parrot's AR Drone,
    Sphero - a toy ball that you remote control from your smartphone,
    Digicopter:, etc...


  3. If youare interested in controlling arduino board from android device, use ArduinoCommander:

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