Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Standard Android ADK Demo Kit Application available in Android Market

We all know that Google announced in May 2011 a brand new Android Open Accessory standard. With the arduino-friendly ADK board and some Android APIs you can add any accessory or external hardware to your Android phone or tablets (Android 2.3.4 or above).

Please visit Google's official site for more details on how to add accessories to your Android devices:

That's a lot of text! Before diving into the boring code, many people would like to have a quick demo or test with their own phones. You just need to buy an ADK board and download this standard ADK DemoKit Application from Android market.The application is 100% compatible with the standard Google ADK DemoKit and is recompiled by the DIY Phone Gadgets community for easy tests:

Download ADK DemoKit From Android Market


  1. Is this compatible only with 2.3.4 coz i cant download it with my 2.3.5 galaxy s ii...

  2. Please recommend good Android devices for running the demokit app. Thanks

  3. it cannot work in my Samsung Galaxy Note, it said: "Your device isn't compatible with this item"!! My Android version is 2.3.6!?

  4. Despite of the claim that the support for host mode USB is back ported to version 2.3.3 and later, this demokit app is runnable on devices that support Google APIs (published by Google Inc., not Android Open Source Project).

    You will want to get a 'Google phone'. Samsung and HTC have some models. I have been able to make demokit working on an HTC. It is straightforward once you have the right device.

    I am not sure if this is a software or hardware limitation.

  5. OK so I have this intalled on my HTC Desire.
    I hope to connect Andruino Uno using Host USB
    What program do Iput on Arduino to operate the simulate functon?


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