Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yún Plug allows everyone to build a smart home in 5 minutes, reduce energy bills and have fun

The earth is suffering. The more we pursue life comforts, the more we consume. We are all involved in an inevitable rule in this materialistic world full of energy consumption.

Reducing energy consumption while improving the comforts of life, it sounds contradictory. But Yún Plug is made for both purposes.

Yún Plug is an intelligent and budget-friendly power plug that is compatible with standard home appliances, which allows everyone to easily create an ecosystem of home automation, bringing energy efficiency and comfortable life experience.

Simple and easy as plug and play, Yún Plug allows you to connect any home appliance to the Internet.

To those who are curious: Yún means “cloud” in chinese language, as Yún Plug makes it very simple for the home appliances and sensors to connect to complex web services, offering intelligent interactions between home appliances and different computing devices, such as smartphones and PCs.

You can manually switch the appliance on and off from your smartphone app or set up some rules so that under some conditions (time, temperature, your location, etc), the appliance will automatically start or stop working.

Interested? Here are some use cases to show how Yún Plug reduces your bill of energy consumption and improves your life comforts.

Ready to use? Click here to follow the 3 easy steps.

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